New Formula Helps Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals and Speakers close Massive sales from the front of the Room 
Discover The Secret 3-part Strategy Professional Closers Use To...
Maximize Group Sales Presentations... Even If You Are Just Getting Started Or Have Only Sold One-to-One
This simple 3-part strategy is perfect for ANYONE who wants to Crush EVERY Sales opportunity and needs to deposit MORE MONEY in their bank account consistently!
"Who said that your income can’t exponentially explode???
If they did, they’ve never experienced the rush of thousands of orders from a powerfully delivered presentation."
                                                          - Delatorro McNeal II

Do You Fall Into Any Of These Categories?

  • Entrepreneur (Aspiring, Beginning, or Established)
  • Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Commission Based Professionals
  • Speakers (Keynoter, Workshop, or Seminar Leader)
  • ​Author, Consultant, Coach
  • Financial Service Professionals
  • ​Corporate Executives

If so, making sales consistently is essential to growing your business and standing out in your marketplace while creating the revenue you need to give you the life you really want!

But usually, there are a few problems that stop you from reaching your true revenue potential...

  • You can't truly connect with people during your presentation enough to make the sale...
  • The dynamics of selling to a group are different, and you don't understand the nuances of effective group presentation selling...
  • You get nervous when presenting in front of a group people when you know you have to sell something...
  • ​Your offer is a new book, program, event or product and you don't have a lot of testimonials and social proof yet...
  • You lack the confidence to sell effectively because you don't feel like a true expert... 
  • You have a hard time keeping up the same energy after your presentation as you had during the presentations...
  • You don't have years of experiences selling your product...
  • ​You don't have hundreds of hours of presentation experience...
  • ​The last few presentations didn't go well so your confidence is shaken...
The Secrets of Platform and Group Sales Presentations
are Revealed in this New Program called...
Effective Sales Are Created By using a 
Proven 3-Part Process
Key Prep Elements Before the
Impactful Sales Drivers  During the Presentation
Proper Sales Systems After the Presentation
(If you miss something in just one of these steps, it could instantly kill your sale!)

Meet Your Instructor 

Delatorro McNeal II, CSP

Three time MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Keynote Speaker, Dr. Delatorro McNeal, is NO stranger to any stage - be it in person or virtual. Having delivered well over 4,000+ paid presentations throughout the globe, his experience speaks for itself.

Having generated7+ figures from the stage, he is a sought after and trusted voice within the speaking industry. Teaching his students how to get stages and checks, he sets you up for success IF you want it.

He is popular amongst Fortune 50 companies and organizations, including those in the following fields: Aviation, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Real Estate, Financial Services, Sports, Education, and more! Additionally, he has several books, resources, and experiential events that share the blueprint on how others can have the same success that he experiences.
From sold out stadiums and convention centers to corporate offices and intimate leadership gatherings, Dr. Delatorro McNeal crushes the stage and crushes sales so that YOU can see it is possible!

Once you are able to Crush Your Sales you will... 

- 10 or 50X your sales because you can sell to large groups at a time...
- Free up time to spend more time with your family and friends...
- Scale your business by adding leverage every time you speak...
- Finally have a predictable sales system, and be able to close a percentage of any room...
- Have the confidence that you will be able to provide the best solution for your audience...
- Use the same principles to close online and through virtual sales events as well...
- Be able to help the thousands of people that need your products and services...

Here is What Others Say About Our Trainings...

Here Is What Is Included In The Program...

Module #1

  • How to structure your talk for persuasion and powerful impact so people buy and become raving fans...
  • The secret for establishing expert positioning even if you have limited experience...
  • Hear the Proven Presentation Outlining Strategy that pulls your audience in and builds the trust needed to close a sale...
  • ​One simple 7-minute technique you can do before a presentation that will have a direct impact on how much your sell...
  • ​Ask these 5 Magic Questions early to get an insider approach to know exactly what you need to include in your presentation to close more sales...
  • ​How to pull out the Best Selling Content from your presentation content... 
  • ​Use this presentation structure to drive the sales points of your offer into an audience long-term memory so they remember your talk...
  • ​Plus... product offer planning, social strategies and tech consideration...

Module 1 will make sure you'll never be unprepared for a sales opportunity again...

Module #2

  • The worst thing you can do at the start of a presentation that creates an uphill battle for your sales process...and how you can fix it from now on!
  • Since adults are big kids, use this simple technique to tap into the childlike desire of a children to get our attention...
  • The damaging content to cut immediately from your presentation so that you will create a lasting change on your audience whether they buy or not!
  • ​The 3-5 key locations where you should drop "closing content" into your presentation and how to weave it in effortlessly...
  • ​Increase the odds of your content being shared virally by doing this simple strategy in your presentation...
  • ​How to generate sells even in a "non-selling" environment...
  • ​Proven closing statements you can deliver from stage that reel in prospects to accept your offer...

Module 2 ensures your presentation will convert into sales and will also be a
memorable presentation for your audience...

Module #3

  • How to create a meaningful conversation with your customers in 90 seconds after speaking...
  • The Mandatory location to place your banners and signage in order to boost orders and sales and not be ignored...
  • The simple statement that makes prospects go get their credit card and come back to your table..
  • ​3-Step framework that makes you a trusted advisor and helps you close sales because of your honesty...
  • ​How to turn your marketing materials into sharable content instead of litter at events and conferences
  • ​The #1 mistake rookies make that the pros NEVER make, this will show you who are the sales pros and the amateurs
  • ​How to deliver the dream experience to everyone that comes to your table so that they remain fans and will refer you to friends

Module 3 makes sure your sales are growing and your closing precentage is as high as possible


TOTAL VALUE = $4,997!
For a limited time, the investment is ONLY $1297!
(Yes, you read it right! We’re shocked too! But you’re worth it.)

How many of your products or services would it take you to make
10 Digital Product?
1 Coaching Program?
20 Simple Service?
2 hr of coaching? 
This is an opportunity for you to make a small investment that can bring about LARGE RETURN ON INVESTMENT!

Plus...You will get these BONUSES For Free

5 Keys To Crushing The Live Q/A Session

It's been said that a lot of sales don't really start until the questions begin. In this session, I share with you how to handle live Q/A without being overwhelmed and caught off guard. Being able to navigate the Q/A session with confidence will instill trust and security in your prospects as they are make a buying decision. You'll also learn the exact phrases to use to help eliminate their burning questions that would stop many people from buying.

Exclusive Day of Presentation Checklist

Once you have done all the preparations for the selling event, there are still just a few more secrets that only the top producers realize. To sell well your whole body must be present. In order to sell effectively you need to address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your presentation. In this Day of Presentation Checklist training Delatorro shares what it take to make sure the final adjustments are made on "game day". Watch this training to make sure you haven't left out anything that could hinder your sales. 

5 Selling Strategies To Build Into Your Next Presentation

Discover the strategic selling elements that you need to systematically weave into your presentations. Adding these selling mechanisms into your presentation will supercharge your results and enable you to see massive sales immediately and long-term. Once you incorporate these lead converting tactics you will have a bullet-proof presentation. 


Thriving Through Your Storms (Included Bonus)

Get ready to re-think everything negative that has ever happened in your life. If you’ve been through or are going through difficult times personally, professionally, financially, emotionally, occupationally or spiritually, Thriving Through Your Storms is a MUST-HAVE for your Success Library. You will feel like Delatorro is sitting in the front seat of your car, empowering you to GET BACK UP AGAIN! Get ready to get your fight back and stage a major comeback from all of your setbacks.

You are about to spend 4.5 hours with Delatorro McNeal as your Personal Rebound Coach. Your entire life will be propelled forward as you learn and apply over 100 actionable lessons on 16 powerful and intimate coaching sessions.

Valued at $147

Entrepreneurial Skills Bundle 

Discover the strategic elements that you need to systematically perform at your peak. Adding these mindset mechanisms into your daily activities will supercharge your results and enable you to see massive gains in your focus and productivity immediately and long-term. 
Plus, once you incorporate these lead converting tactics you will have a bullet-proof presentation to use in your career and business opportunities.
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  • ​Crush Your Sales Workbook and Training Guide ($497 value)
  • ​My Order Form Swipe Files for Large Audience Presentations  ($297 value)
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  • ​5 Keys to Crushing The Live Q/A ($197 value)
  • ​Exclusive Day Presentation Checklist ($97 value)
  • ​5 Selling Strategies ($247 value)
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